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Cookie Policy

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience on our websites. Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s computer; they contain little specific data pertaining to a particular user or website.

Legal bases

  •        For cookies required for the operation and security of the website: our legitimate interest.

  •        For other types of cookies (third-party and advertising): your consent.


Retention period

By default, the retention period of cookies is:

  •        Six months for advertising cookies

  •        13 months for other cookies


Some cookies nonetheless have different retention periods.

Types of cookies used:

1.       Cookies required strictly for the operation of our web sites 

These cookies allow you to use the main features of our web sites:

  •        cookies ensuring the technical performance of the web site 

  •        cookies ensuring browsing consistency or pertaining to the personalisation of the customer account 

  •        cookies used to improve web user browsing


These cookies cannot be disabled by the preference center. You can nonetheless configure your browser to block them.

Without these cookies, however, our web sites cannot operate properly.

2.      Third-party cookies to improve the interactivity of our web sites

Our Web site is based on a number of services offered by third parties. You can disable these cookies in the preference center.

  •        third-party cookies are used for correct operation of the web site

  •        third-party cookies are used to produce statistics

  •        third-party cookies for advertising purposes

Advertising cookies are used to post advertisements that we deem of interest to you on our site or when you browse the internet in general. They also limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement and assess the impact of an advertising campaign.

The non-acceptance of advertising cookies will not affect your user experience when browsing our websites. However, advertisements that are posted for your viewing will not be moderated (pertinence, repetition).

By choosing not to accept cookies, our websites may not work in an optimal manner.

Mobile applications.

We use two types of trackers called “local storage” on our mobile applications to improve interactivity and offer practical features for users. This use is based on our legitimate interest. This involves:

  •        trackers required for operation of the application

These technical trackers allow the application to operate in an optimal manner. In particular, they allow the user to take advantage of the features offered by the application, such as, for example, to maintain your identification when browsing.

  •        customisation tracers for the user interface

The application uses these tracers to adapt to profile of its user depending on the equipment available to them. As this is an intrinsic and expected element of the service, they are exempt from consent.

The list of all cookies, ranked below by purpose and type, is updated regularly (refer to the date of the last update at the bottom of this page). Therefore it is possible that some cookies may not appear in this list.

List of cookies used on this website:

  • Cookies required strictly for the operation of our website

  • Cookies ensuring the technical performance of the website

  • Cookies ensuring browsing consistency or pertaining the customisation of the customer account

  • Cookies used to improve surfer browsing

  • Third-party cookies to improve the interactivity of our website

  • Third party cookies for the proper functioning of the website

  • Third-party cookies used to produce statistics

  • Third-party cookies for advertising purposes

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