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Are you an aspiring Christian author wondering how to publish a book?

Begin your creative journey with Prisca Publishing here. 

Instead of self-publishing, consider working with Prisca Publishing. We value our authors and their ministry contexts, and we aim to provide top-notch editorial support and marketing exposure.
Prisca Publishing is accepting submissions for new Christian books.

At Prisca Publishing, we are committed to a strong working relationship with our authors. Prisca Publishing aims to collaborate with local church members, helping them create new ways to develop sustainable and reproducible ministry in their context.

Why publish your book?

Many Christians in ministry face financial constraints that make it difficult to provide for their families and support their work. However, they may be overlooking a potential solution. Whether you are a pastor with several sermon manuscripts or a church member who has something you have always wanted to write about,
Prisca Publishing can help you turn your work into a published book.
We can guide you from the initial stages to the final product and help you earn higher royalties through our non-traditional publishing model. Whether you need extra income or simply want to share your message with a wider audience, we are here to assist you.

Reap the benefits of non-traditional publishing by earning greater royalties.

Begin your Publishing Journey

Please provide some information about yourself and your book, and we will contact you.

Thanks for submitting!

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